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Business Agreements

Know and control the terms of the agreements you enter into since contract disputes arise mostly in situations when you least expect it. By its unique nature, contracts are most often entered into by individuals who have good relationships, as they intend to be partners in a venture or a business. Therefore, in the beginning, parties do not anticipate any disagreement on viewpoint or course of action. Yet, it is crucial to have a detailed and specific contract protecting everyone’s rights from the onset of any business relationship, which may help to avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

Prenuptial Agreements (Prenups)

While your marriage is driven by love, admiration, and desire for partnership, it is important to solidify your and your spouse’s expectations of your current and future property rights. Through open dialogue and discussion, you and your spouse will enter into your unique Prenuptial Agreement that will be tailored to your specific financial goals as a couple and it will also be an integral tool in your Estate Planning.


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